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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
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Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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Al, You're the only person I've seen even toss out the idea of Braun to 1B next season. You were also the only person to mention Parra to the Brewers before it happened. Sounds like Doug wanted Reed too, which would have been exactly what you said would be a match.  Good work. Keeps me coming back for more. 

Another terrible call at home plate, runner called safe because catcher was blocking the plate...however, he had the ball. Eric Byrnes just said they need to use the double base like they do in softball. Right now, the guys in NYC are as clueless as it gets, inconsistent and no idea.

Of course, if Doug has even thought about the possibility of Braun to 1B in '15, he would not say anything until he discusses it with Ryan, and he agrees to it. So, we won't have any idea until at some point in the offseason. It is very possible that while the Brewers may not wish to offer arby to Parra (or Estrada, for that matter), they could always trade them to a team that does. However, since a team could await and sign him as a free agent, their trade value is quite limited....

Rob Neyer says it far better than me. And, oh by the way, Smyly costs $14M less than Price this year...about $19M less in '15.

We didn't really worry about next year as much as we're trying to get to the postseason now," Melvin Parra will not return, in my opinion, unless they plan on him being a starting OF (or the strong half of a platoon). No way they want to pay $6M for a 4th OF. Doug came about as far from making a commitment to '15 as he could. Offhand, I'd say this is insurance against an injury to an OF, and a slight upgrade to late inning PH. 

Smyly has a career 3.92 ERA as a SP. Price's ERA since 2012 is 2.98. I'm sure this was a postseason move, but I don't see it. Most folks have no idea if they throw 70 IP the rest of the way, it's a 7 run difference. TB is better today, for this season even, as Franklin is probably far more than 7 runs better than their current 2B Forsythe.

MLBN saying the Red Sox won the day. I agree completely. A's and Tigers look very tough, but in a short series, who'll remember Sabathia lost a game in the division series in '08, and he was all but perfect the whole second half.

Some people are saying that young players are not worth as much as they once were. Au contraire. {That was my attempt at being classy. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have a burping contest with the Rambling son.} I think the inclusion of major league players in so many trades means that prospects (and in the Brewers' case, young guys like Scooter, Khris, and Jimmy) are worth even more...teams like the Cards decided to move Allen Craig and Joe Kelly instea...

Brian Roberts DFA'd. Irony is, he's hit far better than Drew this year, and Stephen has never played 2B as a pro.

MLBN points out Austin Jackson could fly to CLE and play again tonight. Joel Youngblood did this back in 1981, and got a hit off future HOF pitchers Fergie Jenkins and Steve Carlton in the same day, but different games. 

After making the best deal of the day, picking up a solid rotation piece in Tommy Millone for reserve OF Sam Fuld (who was DFA'd by the A's a few months ago), the Twins extend Kurt Suzuki to a too long, too much contract, despite the fact they have a very good catching prospect Josmil Pinto. 1. This is why Gleeman hates being a Twins' fan. 2. Remember in Moneyball, when Beane traded Jeremy Giambi for nothing because he "wasn't mad enough about losing?" Simply put, he jus...

Parra will wear that because Prince's HOF chances have plummeted in the last few months? Remember, the Crew only retires the numbers of those in the Hall...and they did not bother with Sutton, who was only there for a season plus. Makes Hoffman doubtful as well.

MLBN just said what I've been thinking...Allen Craig or Joe Kelly seems like a good return for Lackey...and they got both.

JS reporting Doug said he was not involved in Price and others bidding because he did not want to give up Nelson, Peralta, Gennett, or Davis. Plans to build around them, use as building blocks. {What I guessed here.} None of the relievers he was close on, including Reed, Hawkins, Ziegler, and Benoit were dealt. Teams asking for the moon (my words, not theirs). Will c...

They play hard, and they play happy," Parra said in a telephone conversation minutes after the trade. "I love that." Doesn't even pretend to hide the cut to the DBacks, who play like they are trying to avoid a beating. Not a fun group, which is what ARI wants. Also

No plans for a straight platoon of Parra/KhDavis. Rather, Parra will bounce around all three OF positions when matchups are right.--Adam, Any more AL parks? Parra will probably start a couple times a week and PH/defensive replacement most nights.

Brewers were close to acquiring relief several times in recent days, but didn't happen. Were in on Benoit, Soria, Uehara, others.--Adam, Goodness. More didn't happen than did. Have to wonder if Doug will look to add in August, though only the very expensive will clear waivers.

BUMP, READ BELOW CORRECTED BELOW: Austin Jackson and Drew Smyly will go to the Mariners, with Nick Franklin heading to Tampa.--MLBTR Wow. Jackson pulled from CF in the 7th with the bases loaded. Leaves to a standing ovation, smart fans knowing it's the deadline. I would have to imagine Austin was probably near tears if he was happy in DET. EDIT: Rosenthal saying Smyly is headed to TB.That makes sense, as th...

James Russell of Cubs to Braves. And Bonifacio also to ATL. 

ESPN reported Ben Zobrist was dealt to Pirates, most feel they were duped by a fake Twitter account.

Yankees acquire Martin Prado, Marlins acquire Cosart from the Astros, Twins extend Suzuki.

Jack Z gets a year and two months of Jackson for top SS Nick Franklin. Oof. This is why you should never allow a GM to be in jeopardy of losing his job. Of course, it may well help them win a game or two this season.

Price only TB player in three team deal.--TB Times I'm telling you, the Rays might be better if they pick up some offense.

Last two days busiest of the month, today looks to be busier. Trade deadline equals lots of visits. Gee, about now, I wish I wouldn't have posted so much crap of late. Sorry.

Tigers have traded for David Price. Drew Smyly certainly in the deal, third team believed to be SEA.

Yankees to acquire Stephen Drew. Interesting because Jeter is NY's SS, even though his defense is, at best, below average. Drew will likely play 2B part of the time, and while that should be a simple transition, tough to do so midseason. Yankees believe Drew can play 2B/SS/3B, wanted him last offseason, per MLBTR. 

If Price is traded to SL, would he hitch a ride with the Brewers' charter?

Cabrera to Nats.

Andrew Miller to BAL for good pitching prospect, per Rosenthal. Price frontrunner might be Tigers, who continue to chase the A's.

Note how we did not hear one rumor about the Parra trade until it was 100% complete. That's how Doug works, my friends. Those who brag about "inside sources" and the like...funny they missed it.:) Of course, Brewer Nation probably knew about it weeks ago, but kept it quiet. That's just the way he rolls...

Thawing out chicken breasts to grill for lunch...just remembered we ran out of propane last time we grilled. First world pains.

MLBN wondering if loss to Crew yesterday made the Rays decide to deal Price. Wouldn't that be something? By the way, if Price goes for Joc Pedersen and others, TB might be a better team afterwards. They have tons of pitching, and Price only throws once every five days.

BREAKING.... Mitch Haniger going to ARI for an as yet undisclosed return. I would assume Reed, Parra, Perez, Thatcher, or something like that. ARI has said Ziegler is unavailable, though that may not be true. I can always hope Tony Campana is a throw in, as I love his ability to steal bases at a 90% clip. EDIT: KTAR is reporting it is Gerardo ...

Meanwhile, SL gave away two major leaguers for John Lackey. It may help them a morsel this year, but I'd sure prefer being on the Red Sox side of that one.

There's stupid, and then there's Pelosi. If Hamas is peaceful, I'm anorexic.

 New on Netflix next month? Freaky Friday is, of course, just a code to not get married, as Lindsay Lohan shows the downhill curve can be mighty steep, even if you start off with perfection.


Brewers' SP's have thrown 2nd most innings in the NL. Relievers have thrown the 4th fewest. That's been a key very few people talk about.

Tyler Colvin has a career 762 OPS versus RHP, and can play 1B and all three OF spots. Could be a fit.

The Brewers seem to match up well with the DBacks...I'm sure Doug covets Reed, a big, hard throwing RHP, who has seasons of team control remaining. While Parra is well overpaid for a reserve, he could be nontendered (or possibly dealt) this winter, and he is a Gold Glove caliber OF, able to play all three spots. I would say Reed is worth 2-3 good prospects...just below the Nelson level...

We plan to work late into the night.--Doug Melvin Sure sounds like he's looking for...something in particular. Whether that's arm or a bat, I'm not sure.

Rays still willing to engage in trade conversations on David Price, Ben Zobrist, Matt Joyce, source says. Haven't ruled anything I think most overestimate what Zobrist is worth...he's a very player, but the Crew got Hairston for a AA singles hitter. Every time I see Ben play, I always think the same thing...his value is as a 2B/SS/3B that is an above average hitter. Yet, he often plays LF/RF...where he's just another guy. 

If Brewers were 10 under instead of 10 over, Yo might be the "hottest" pitcher on the market...Zach Duke may bring back a solid prospect (if Zach can keep up a 1 ERA for 60 more games, he might get 2y/$8-10M as a FA)...Weeks would be an upgrade for a few contenders...KRod would be worth a couple decent prospects instead of one like last year...Ramirez would be by far the best 3B on the market...Reynolds would be a cost effective option for many teams looking for RH power. I think w...

Lots of Crew fans pine for Emilio, but as I have pointed out, they basically already have him.

I'd love to add Chris Carter as a power bat off the bench, but with platoons (one hard, one soft) at 1B and 2B, no spot for that 5th OF.

Lackey about to be moved, Brewers are said not to be in on him. Not sure who else the Crew is not in on.:)

Cubs acquire Doubront. If they have the luck they had with Arietta, who has been excellent since the O's gave up on him, Theo will be thrilled.

I'm finding this difficult to believe. I could not buy alcohol if I have my son with me...but can if I send him to wait in the car? Wal Mart is often picked on simply for being so good at what they do, but this is not just a puzzler, it's ludicrous.

Cards to acquire Masterson. That would seemingly make a Lester or Price pickup unlikely.

BA reports Rosenthal is saying Lester to Pirates is "imminent." Maybe sent internally on Fox? No confirmation online. EDIT: BA says that was a fake account. 

MLB on Fox1 beaten in ratings by ESPN soccer. Exhibition soccer. Two things here; one, few folks realize that there are many EPL soccer fans in the US, and that these exhibitions are treated as "special," while it's just another baseball game. It should also be noted that many people don't even know where Fox1 is on their dial.

Next thing you know, they'll hire some man to teach Home Ec.

The only thing keeping her and many others out of prison is the incredible corruptness of the entire administration. When a lawbreaker such as Holder decides who gets charged, lefty buddies don't get charged.

Got an email from a regualr reader asking me to explain how trades can still be done in August. I have a headache just thinking about it.

What do groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda and even Hamas want? They want to impose their religious views on the rest of humanity. They want stifle every freedom that decent, educated, secular people care about. This is not a trivial difference. And yet judging from the level of condemnation that Israel now receives, you would think the difference ran the other way.  This kind of confusion puts all of us in danger. This is the great story of our time. For th...

Going to have the most visits this month since September of 2013. Despite all the rest, still a Brewers' blog at heart, as many stop or cut back on their clicks when the season is complete.

When do doctors and chefs buy generic? We buy most "ingredients" generic, as we all know the same factory that's packaging up lettuce, cheese, and sour cream are, in effect, just changing labels/brands at some point. I've worked with people who have confirmed this with cheese and bott...

True that.

I'm having trouble believing this is real, but I guess it is. I just need a quiet placer to work for a couple hours in a huge city...isn't a library far simpler and cheaper?

Len Kasper just said they announced Drew Stubbs is now in CF...he's been in the game several innings. Heh.

Just like when the Brewers used an infielder a few years ago and the opposition went down 1-2-3 on 68 mph pitches, Ken Macha correctly said, "Major league hitters never see stuff at that speed." I think it was Joe Inglett. 

Cubs' catcher John Baker into pitch the 16th. I think they said they have already used two SP's in relief...they must have not had many relievers available tonight. Baker is lighting up the gun with 76-77 mph "fastballs."

I think they should play 12 innings, and then each team starts the 13th with the bases loaded. And yes, of course, the playoffs would go back to being "normal." That would actually be nearly perfect, as if a team still had their closer left, they would use him then. You know what's funny? Fans would LOVE it. The MLBN would cut to any game if it got to the 13th and the studio guys would overanalyze it, using the words "gritty," "scrappy," and "heart" every time a blooper ...

Rockies/Cubs starting 15th on WGN. I had no idea, but thankfully, Adam's leggy protege Caitlin tweeted out she was watching. About 200 people in the stands.

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