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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
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Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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I fully expect some team to pick up Mastroianni just to PR in September. He has a career 80% SB success rate, probably 90% or so versus RHP. He's no Billy Hamilton, but his numbers replicate Mel Stocker's, who the Brewers used for just such a purpose back in '07 for the Crew, and are even better than Joey Gathright, who was incredibly fast but never all that good as a base stealer.

So, the Brewers added nine players thus far. Considering most guesses were for "a couple," it shows how little attention most pay to the team and their hints. I had 5-6, though I did not count Nelson's return or Broxton being traded for, or Garza off the DL. Add those in, I was pretty close. Still surprised not to see Wooten or Blazek, though they could easily be added in a few days if they have injuries or run short. Hate to play 20 innings and have to decide between Wang and a position play...

Tom H refers to Matt Clark as a 1B/3B, even though Matt has never played 3B in his pro career. He has played some LF, though he has played far more at 1B than anywhere else. So folks, dig deep to pay for the JS's really good. For those keeping track, Jason Rogers has now played 1B/3B/LF/RF in his career, and Gomez, while a SS by trade, has also played 2B and 3B. Jason is a big guy, built along the lines of a Sean Halton, so common sense would tell you 1B is...

Gindl DFA'd, Burgos released, to make room for non roster additions. Caleb's down season was magnified by how many LHP's Nashville faced (and his inability to hit them), but by any measure, putting up a 750 OPS versus AAA RHP was disappointing for him. As I have pointed out before, he's out of options, so would have been unlikely to have been protected on the 40 this winter a...

And how does he react to these truthful displays of disgust? With complete and total disdain. How dare they notice his incompetence?

No team that was in first place on July 1 is in first place right now.--BP Long season. Plenty of ups and downs. 

Unconfirmed reports have the Crew bringing up 1B/3B/OF Jason Rogers, SS Hector Gomez, and 1B Matt Clark. The latter two are not on the 40 man roster. I'm a bit surprised there's not another arm in the mix. As for clearing spots, Ariel Pena and Caleb Gindl are not coming up and are out of options, so would have to make the team out of spring training or go through waivers. They might get that now, unless one of them is a PTBNL in the Broxton deal. 

Bo Porter suffers the same fate as Dale Sveum, and for the same reason. Young players are not going to be good at everything, so they need a teacher, a positive role model, and someone who will not yell and scream and call them out in the media. Often, managers tend to caught up in the minutia, but in reality, no one cares if those rebuilding clubs win 65 or 68 games. Dale kept getting on Rizzo and Castro...they're still there, and he's long gone.

Wooten not being in the first wave makes me wonder if he may be taken off the 40. He pitched poorly in Nashville, but has been plenty passable in MIL.

Brewers still with a second wave of callups to come, and some are not on the 40 man...have to make room for them. A good defensive SS and a power bat would look good with another arm or two.

All I know is public schools are worse now than they were yesterday...but not nearly as bad as they will be tomorrow. It's a steady downhill slope.

This is why blighted areas get that way...because no one wants to own a business there.

Schafer, Pagnozzi, Wang, Garza, Broxton added to roster, Nelson reinstated. Likely a couple more after Nashville's season ends, probably Wooten and Rogers. My guess of 5-6 was pretty good, as I could not have predicted Broxton. Those that thought "just a couple", yeah. Don't worry, the Packers start next week.

I work with baby boomers almost every day. I think this is true, for the most part at least.

Obama has even killed PT summer jobs. Note that those numbers are down from 30+% at the end of W's term to under 20% now. That's an astounding drop in just half a decade.

The consensus is beginning to clear up...he just ain't very bright.  I've said it for a long time...when you have no plan or actual guiding beliefs, every decision has to be thought about in agonizing detail. It took almost a year for him to order the mission to kill Bin Laden...and no one knows why. EDIT: Because of this, Jungmann is a possible addition, but pr...

Brewers would not include Jimmy Nelson in any trade, including David Price talks.

No Schafer, Rogers, Wooten or Blazek in tonight's Sounds' game, but my longshot pick, Brent Leach, did pitch.

I must admit, Doug seems very prophetic and genius like, as a month ago, right before picking up Parra, he said he was only interested a 4th OF that could play CF.

I have to wonder if Doug is making any calls about a CF given Carlos' injury. An OF of Davis/Parra/Braun is certainly not bad, and Schafer and Herrera in reserve is not either...while the backups lack power, not a lot of guys with pop available that can play CF.

Just showed Martina Hingis in the crowd. Oof. Hey, I know I'm no Bob Redford either. Martina is 33, and she looks like she's in her mid 40's. Looks like she's wearing more makeup than a bus full of cheerleaders. Don't do drugs kids. You stay in school. 

Schafer not in Nashville's lineup tonight, I assume he has already boarded a plane to Chicago...heck, he might be there already. Weisenburger, one of the catchers who might be considered for the "just in case" duty is playing. We'll see what pitchers are used later...Wooten went an inning yesterday, so I figure he's done and on his way as well. I just noticed the Sounds played two yesterday, and Schafer nor Jason Rogers played in the 2nd game, and Matt Pagnozzi caught game one as ...

Suddenly, everyone seems to notice the Cubs' future looks very bright. I've seen it coming for ages. All you had to do was pay attention.

Looks like I was incorrect about Jungmann not having to be protected on the 40 man this offseason. He was signed in 2011, but did not pitch due to high innings in college. That season still counts, however, I was just thinking he needed to pitch in four seasons. Another way of looking at it...he played in '11...and pitched 0 frames. I'm sure he did work on the side and the like.

The Brewers have been affiliated with the Class AAA Nashville Sounds since the 2006 season, and stayed there despite the team playing in outdated Greer Stadium, a 37-year-old fossil that will be put out of its misery after this season. The Sounds' new ownership finally succeeded in putting together a public-private financing plan to build a new ballpark in time for the 2015 season. ...

BREAKING: Brewers acquire Jon Broxton from Reds, per Rosenthal. Broxton signed to a $9M deal for next season, his option for 2016 now becomes mutual. Huge trade for the Crew, to get one of the best set up men in the game for the last month. He may end up filling the need for the '15 closer as well, as $9M is, needless to say, a lot to pay for middle relief. I was thinking this morning, it would not surprise me at all if Doug picked up a player before the deadline....

And do you know why there's so much more ice now? Because it's warmer!! And that causes more cold weather! Because that's what climate change is. Those deniers are just darn fools! Notice the US media just pretending that report never existed, just like the pletho...

Currently watching NCAA singles champ Nicole Gibbs play a 3rd round match. She's no Anna Kournikova...but she's very, very impressive.

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