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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
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Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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MLB upholds Giants protest of "tarp no work" game. Will resume in bottom of 5th. Seriously, they should probably do this will all games. There's nothing stopping a team like the Brewers from saying the roof is stuck open if a downpour erupts up one in the 9th, and the tarp just can't get on the infield fast enough. 

I tend to side with police officers. I tend to side against vandals, looters, and criminals that hang out on the street during riots, or whatever the politically correct term is for riots. And by the way, if this report is true, Obama once again said something really stupid before the facts were in. If you're keeping score at home, that...

Less than twenty minutes from sound bite presser to first tee. If it was a sitcom, at least it would be funny. All that's missing is an OJ like statement that he'll hunt down the real killers in his spare time.

Beam me up Scottie. My fictional story would include details about how schools need to fire those in power and start over with some folks wit common sense.

Adam of reports RA Dickey's pitches are not registering on the MP radar gun.

Jesse Jackson is simply an untalented oaf. His only job is to show up where news cameras are and babble nonsense. Sadly, the old media continues to give this clown air time. 

I have not been to Milwaukee for a couple years, but the view I have always seen is abandoned factories, warehouses, with graffiti and broken windows plainly visible from the interstate.

He is a cliche of himself.

I have often stated that Marty looks to be as good at framing pitches as Jonathon is. This year, he's been better, and last year, they were virtually the same. One of these days, Marty might find himself on a team in which he plays enough to get the defensive recognition he deserves. Note: Click on the "per game" column to see Marty's superior numbers, it will not link directly. 

Long look at "Moneyball" and the fact other teams were doing it as well...just didn't garner the publicity of the A's. Many Gord Ash quotes. Second time in a week he has said the Brewers have their own version of WAR that they use...looking back, that's probably why they felt comfortable giving Gomez his extension before he ever hit. There seems to be just a pair of teams that are sti...

Absolute disgrace last night at Wrigley Field. Ending a 2-0 game in the 5th inning because the grounds crew, at best, did a amateurish job covering the field...pitiful. I said years ago that all new ballparks should have to have a roof of some kind, retractable or not, as it is ridiculous to have the technology and not use it. Sadly, we have had an entire generation of new stadiums built, and almost none are covered. 

It all does sound pretty stupid, doesn't it?

This is pretty much the opposite of everything the left has been saying since...time began. Those pesky facts have a habit of getting in the way. It's why the economy has struggled too, as very successful people buy boats, RV's, and jewelry. The others are like me, and consider it a "luxury" to order extra tarter sauce at Checker's and get charged a dime a sandwich. {Y...

Everyone is entitled to her opinion. Heh. If she was on my side, I would strongly consider changing sides.

Pirates' reliever went five frames tonight in blowout loss. Perfect opportunity for PIT to send him down and bring up a fresh arm.

As I said before, this might free up Ike Davis as a nontender this offseason, or for a trade.

Directly related to the left's love of subsidies, ethanol, and pork (not the yummy kind). You know, it's almost as if their entire plan is based on socialist gimmicks that have never, nor will ever work.

The Rambling son just came upstairs and asked me "You wouldn't come out in the rain for me?" I told him I didn't know he ever read Ramblings, and he said, "I wanted to read about the bird." I should have stretched this drama out for days.

Those BP nights sure fill up the cheap seats. Might be a sellout this evening.

Bird update: Another victim of the cruel world. At least he died happy and full. Must have suffered some sort of internal injury while trying to get unstuck.

If you're dumb enough to buy peanut butter at Whole Foods, salmonella is the least of your problems.

Bird update: Realized it was pouring rain on bird. Put grill cover over 2/3rd's of Rubbermaid container to help keep him dry. In doing so, got soaking wet. On way back into house, realize I would not have done this for anybody I know. EDIT: Except the Rambling wife, who I love dearly, and who reads Ramblings. 

Bird update: Put him in Rubbermaid container on deck, along with small bowl of water and a handful of sunflower seeds. Have to protect him from the Rambling dog. He's sitting in there eating like a little pig. It sure didn't effect his appetite. Hopefully, he'll gather himself and fly away at some point.

They're freedom fighters you know. And Israel? Meanies.

My guess? He was hungry.

Feeling bad, a little bird got stuck in our suet feeder this afternoon, and despite the fact he seems fine, he won't fly away...I was hoping he was just dizzy and tired, but he's been sitting on the deck for over an hour now, eating seeds and walking around clumsily. I picked him up, and he just flew back down to the deck. Of course, we have to protect him from the Rambling dog, whose greatest thrill in life is chasing birds...I still recall a couple years ago, a bird hit the glass...

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