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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
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Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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Three final thoughts on the fracas the umps could havwe easily prevented and did not, and possible ramifications. 1. Gomez says he did nothing wrong, and if he did not throw a punch, I agree with him. However, if he were to be suspended for tomorrow's game, if the Crew can replace him with a pitcher, that would work out nicely. If they have to replace him with a position player, it's meaningless. 2. One thing no one is discussing...if Maldonado did throw a punch and/or m...

Watching the replay, 3B umpire could have completed avoided the entire altercation by simply grabbing Gomez and pushing him away from the problem child, Mr. Cole. But, he did not, and that led to all the silliness. Simply put, this is what happens, the weak link on the chain fails, and the dam breaks, and add in a couple more cliches. All it takes is for the guys to take care of business...Cole is a loudmouth upset he made a crappy pitch. One guy grabs him and takes him to the dugo...

My idea about the Crew replacing Wooten with another arm notwithstanding, Peralta and Wong may well be the only arms available until the 8th/9th inning least.

100% true. And the left simply refuses to believe it. Because they're so damn much smarter than the rest of us.

Possible we could see a Wooten for another 40 man arm swap just to freshen the bullpen a bit for tomorrow evening. Jimmy Nelson would be the obvious choice, though you could easily make a case for 3-4 others.

Gerritt Cole almost hit by broken bat. Umpiring crew ejects splinters from bat as well as bench coach Jerry Narron...again.

Even for Obama, this is really, really stupid.

After Cole hit that foul tip off Lucroy's mask, Jon should have just let him have it. You can almost bet your life Gerritt would have left the field asking for a hankie to ease his weeping, or got thrown out of the game by the men in blue for being kind of a meanie for yelling back. They simply are incapable of doing the simplest things without sucking at it.

TV guys talking about the NHL playoffs. First I've heard about them at all except that last night, a Chicago player took a five minute major penalty late in the game which led to the opposition scoring and winning the game. That, in a nutshell, is why the NHL will never be a major sport in the USA.Wins and losses are secondary. It's like WWE on ice. Impossible to take seriously.

The Pirates do seem to breed this kind of idiocy in their pitching ranks. Remember a few years ago, Jeff Karstens almost broke down in tears after being pitched inside (or HBP, my memory is good, but short) after he had hit a Brewers' batter or two. He didn't seem to appreciate the irony. What's so sad is, the one who causes the problem has yet to be punished, as the arbiters are always several steps behind the real issue.

Bench coach Jerry Narron also ejected, while replays seem to show Marty Maldonado hit Travis Snider. Apparently, Narron is a young Latino man, and we have the most incompetent crew in the history of the game. Of course, they will be punished by giving them more time off and hiding how bad they are out of embarrassment.

It's just amazing how bad umpires are at figuring out who the instigator is and who should be ejected. They are completely inept and don't seem to even pretend to make an effort. They simply have no desire to figure out the truth. Underworked, overpaid, and simply awful. As is, the starting pitcher should run after everyone who gets a hit, yell and swear at the hitter, and then run away. EDIT: Umps "even things out" by ejecting reserve OF from PIT...not Cole, whose immat...

Gord reports Mets/Crew never got close in Ike Davis talks. They didn't get a prospect even close to Thornburg's level. Wonder what other names were discussed?

Note...the polar bears that were on the brink of seem to be doing just fine. The facts are a painful look at just how baseless all that silliness was.

Al Gore flies to Hawaii to complain about people using unnecessary use of carbon. You just can't write this stuff.

Mike Fiers so far in AAA this season...3-0, 0.87 ERA, 20.2 IP, 13 H, 2 BB, 26K, 0.73 WHIP. That's about as good as it gets, though it should be noted, he has not thrown in any of the PCL offensive parks out west. He was very good in 2012, and struggled last year, with both injury and his mom being ill. Right now, he's pitching as well as any arm in AAA. Let's hope he can...

Kintzler hoping to throw a bullpen or two along with a simulated game and be back Friday, per the lovely Ms. Minnaert. 

Watching Survivorman with the Rambling son, as they explore for Bigfoot in the Rocky Mountains. I have discussed many times how silly I think this is, as it is quite obvious to me that if such a creature existed, we would have found numerous dead bodies by now. The host of the show has enlisted the assistance of an "expert," who even has a blurry picture of something brown to his credit. Of course, all one needs to be an "expert" in this field is such a picture...and in a world in ...

Herrera sticks around, Schafer to the DL, Overbay back as well.

The Rambling family will be enjoying cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow (I will enjoy them for brunch, because sleep > early eating), with cheesy hash browns and ham for lunch (this will cook while the wife is gone), with an unlikely but delicious supper of homemade, individual pizzas, which we will all top ourselves with whatever we want, while having a Seinfeld style debate on when life (and pizza) begins. You are tr...

The Rambling son after dinner tonight: Hey dad, did you want to watch one or two of those Survivormans you have on the DVR tonight?  Me: I'm sorry son, the Brewers are on, so I think I'll watch them. How about tomorrow morning? RS: Sure, we'll watch them then.  Rambling wife, who plays in the late service at church tomorrow morning: Is anyone going to go to church with me?  RS...

PIT must be wondering how exactly they are not up 3-0 in this series. I called Braun's HR versus Watson, but it's almost as if he just swung hard at Grilli's pitch and the bat just hit the ball. Tough to catch up to velocity like that even when you know it's coming. Have to see if Schafer goes on the DL tomorrow with his tight hammy or if Herrera returns to Nashville. Certainly would not be a bad thing to rest Logan and then get him a few PA's on a rehab trip before retu...

How do you know he's a hypocrite? Goodness.

More and more, simply sending your kid to public school should be considered child abuse.

This would be such a small upgrade as to almost be considered inconsequential, but to me, Ishikawa is slightly better than Overbay.

She has her demons, but LeAnn Rimes still cleans up well.

We have an ump's review .... to determine the pitch count. Seriously.--Jane Lee They do a heckuva job. Goodness. 

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