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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
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Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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We're in the best of hands. I don't want them on my side. I'd rather lose without them than win with them.

Seattle topped the LA Galaxy 2-0 on Saturday afternoon in front of 57,673 at CenturyLink Field, riding two late goals from second-half substitute Marco Pappa to the trophy-clinching victory. Just shy of 58K fans in SEA for their home finale of the MLS season. I still say the MLS is the quietest success story in sports, and I still find it very ironic that their biggest problem is most of the soccer specific stadiums built in the past few years are simply too small, at arou...

NFL picks Lions Patriots Chiefs Vikings Seahawks Jets Dolphins Texans Eagles Bengals Colts Browns Saints Cowboys

Since my cookies saved my survivor picks each week, I had to search for "survivor" on Blogger and do the list again to see who I could use. Who would have imagined that sentence being typed twenty years ago? I gotta take the Cowboys, even though I hate to, as they are playing a division foe/rivalry team, and coming off a huge upset win. Survivor says only 13% are still alive.* *The Bengals tied when I picked them, so depending on the rules, I could b...

Last evening, my laptop simply died. I was typing, and all of a sudden, it went to a blue screen, a page of 'puter speak, and then darkness. I tried CPR (turned it off, then back on), same black screen. The Rambling wife was at Target, so when she got home, she tried to run it in safe mode, and nothing. I only hope when it is the Rambling dog's time, he can go as painlessly. Heck, me too. Of course, before the obituary was even written, both the Rambling wif...

The Illini QB's name is Riley O'Toole. That seems like borderline child abuse.

The Rambling son had Thursday and Friday off from school, so I met his grandma half way yesterday (I had an appointment in the area, so almost all the miles were deductible. Win, Al!) and today the Rambling wife headed over too.  The Rambling dog and I are enjoying a bachelor weekend. I set my alarm last night, and my tablet said "your alarm is set for 12 hours from now." Other than getting up to pee and, of course, to let the Rambling dog out twice (I'm telling you, he's just like havin...

Wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson looks like a sideline reporter talking to a big player.

Most transparent presidency ever. They are guilty of things we haven't even dreamed about...never mind the dozens of scandals we do. We're in the best of hands.

An injury or two could make this team mighty average in a hurry.

The fully realized Foxification of baseball: No action unanalyzed, no moment unspoken. It’s like watching a toilet overflow for four hours.--Norm Chad I'd rather watch the toilet.

Mike Hunt and Bob Wolfley have both "left" the JS in the past couple days. I assume the newspaper industry has finally come to the realization that they will never be in again, and that there are many far better writers on the internet working for free than they are paying salary and benefits to. Present company not included, of course. I do, however, put out far more material in a week than they do in a month. Ramblings...quantity, not quality.  

The Rambling son is a 12 year old hunter, and I guarantee you, even though he is proudly a geek, he could take every one of these clowns. I'm so glad they're not on my side.

The Rambling wife and I were all but positive the Rambling dog's last haircut would be the one he had in May. He is a shaggy mess, and as my spouse just said, "I can't believe he hasn't died." The last year or two isn't pretty, for darn near any of us. He just spent the last twenty minutes outside sniffing the leaves that have blown in from all over. His nose is still as platinum as a government worker's taxpayer funded platinum benefits. Too bad the rest of him is just a shell of ...

Very fitting for those who ignore the facts and do not support Governor Walker. Heck, the fact he's done this as the USA's economy falls apart is proof of how well fiscal responsibility and conservative principles work. 

With the move to analyticals from "the old ways," we'll probably see GM's receive more pay, and see managers stay level. Good GM's build franchises. Good managers win when they have good teams, and lose when they don't. A bit surprised to see Maddon leave TB...he had a great thing going there...if he won, he was God, if h...

Governor Walker said it a few years ago...we all know they have to get 50.5% of the vote, because the cheating makes up about 0.5%. Did Al Franken win because more than 300 people voted illegally? Quite possible...remember, they "found" those votes in a file cabinet days after the election, during the time they were counting the absentee ballots.

That's because the Pentagon doesn't lie. Remember, you can keep your health care plan, and it won't cost us a penny. Obamacare remains 100% unfunded, because of all the money they'll save from...

We could only hope.

I promise you the Brewers are one of them. Remember, a few years ago, the Brewers tried to swing a trade to the Jays for Lind and a CF for Hardy. Add that to the fact Jason Rogers hits LHP and can handle a bench spot, Lind would be a near perfect fit.

Coles would have been on the list of top ten choices, due to familiarity and reputation. This last choice is a bit more of a wildcard, as no one knows what position they will be coaching...could be 1B, assistant hitting, or one of those "without a name" coaches.

Remember, violence against women is fine, as long as the victim is conservative. I'm so glad they're not on my side. I'd rather lose elections without them than win with them.

What a group of morons.

Tough to take any defensive award seriously when they feel there are three better CF's in the NL than Gomez. I'm not sure there are three better defensive CF's in the history of the game.

It's called a "calibration error" in IL. In WI, we call that "getting caught."

A bounce back week with a 12 - 3 record enables you to stay tied for first place among the "experts".  With an overall 73 - 33 record you are tied with Eisenberg (CBS) and Jackson(ESPN).  The key pick for week 7 was that you were 1 of only 9 out of 45 that picked Jacksonville over Cleveland.  Your picks of Detroit over New Orleans and Pittsburgh over Houston also helped.

I have Denver tonight. I did not figure how I did last week, but maybe my helper will do that for me.:)

It is exhausting dealing with these folks.

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