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Ubaldo Jimenez, ineffectively wild
Due to his drop in fastball velocity, ineffective breaking pitches, and worse-than-usual control, Ubaldo Jimenez has not been the pitcher the Orioles had hoped to sign. In need of an ace for his staff, Orioles GM Dan Duquette opted not to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars in pursuit of an established ace; instead, he signed a true boom or bust pitcher with ...

DraftKings – El Nuno Watch
Call it recency bias. Call it trending stats. Call it your mom. I don't care. The Rockies on the road are still 'teh suck'. Earlier this week I told you to Leave It To Peav'er for similar reasons. If San Fran knew how to hit the ball and play defense, that call would've gone from decent to great. Well, and if

Dynastic Direction Young Southpaws: Rob Kaminsky, Henry Owens & Eduardo Rodriguez
by Ivar G. Anderson If I had it to do all over I would have taught my eldest son, a natural left hander, how to throw a baseball much earlier in his development since teams always have a need for left handed pitchers. That is

The Superb Six (FanDuel 8/30)
 (Editor’s Note: Try our FanDuel Cheat Sheet with picks, sample lineups, and tons of sortable matchup stats) 2 doubleheaders today and we have ourselves a split slate with 17 games 

Roto Riteup — Presented By DraftKings: August 30, 2014
Today’s Roto Riteup was written while listening — and watching — the 100th episode of the podcast The Partially Examined Life. I am by no means a philosopher and even calling me a dilettante in the field would be generous, but I do find the realm fascinating. On today’s agenda: 1. Welcome back, Yadier Molina […]

Saturday, August 30th FanDuel Cheat Sheet
 EDITOR’S NOTE: Our Stat Service is down for the holiday weekend so we have a scaled down cheat sheet as far as stats, but Jason Guilbault’s picks and analysis are 

Addison Reed on a roll, Neshek struggles
Closer Monkey - bullpen updates and closer depth charts from all 30 MLB teams, straight to your inbox August 30, 2014 Arizona Diamondbacks – Addison Reed recorded his 100th career save last night.  Reed has now converted eleven straight saves, and in his last six innings, he has only given up two hits and zero walks. Hierarchy remains: Reed | Ziegler | Marshall. St. Louis Cardinals – Pat ...

2014 Fantasy Baseball: The Week 22 Closer Report
Welcome to another addition of the Closer Report here at the Fantasy Fix. For Week 22, we see a committee emerge where one hadn’t existed, but otherwise things are slowing down considerably. We also draw closer to the Sept 1 and the roster explosion that comes with that date. Follow along to see where we are […]

Wade Miley's junior-year improvements
In his third full season in the show, the Arizona southpaw might have turned the corner. This doesn't compensate for the team's horrid 2014, but it could mean that he'll help them in the future. The Diamondbacks stink. If you think differently, you're in denial. ...

Roto Roundup: Jorge Soler, Josh Harrison, Buster Posey and others
Ray highlights some of the top fantasy performers from Friday's roto action, including Jorge Soler, Shelby Miller, Buster Posey, Josh Harrison and others. Josh Harrison: Career year or what we can expect in 2015? I was watching the

September Call Ups: Who can help you down the stretch?
With the September 1st roster expansion date upon us, which players that are either already on the 40-man roster or could be added can help your fantasy team through the season's final month? Usually around this time every Saturday, you've found my top 10 prospects for the rest of this year, updated weekly for any call ups or demotions. With the September 1st roster ex...

Start and sit hitters for Week 23
Which hitters are going to get it done for you in Fantasy as the playoffs get into full swing? Our Scott White breaks down the options in his start/sit for Week 23.

2014 Fantasy Football: Top Ten Running Backs
1. LeSean McCoy McCoy should be this year’s first-overall pick. He is a perfect fit in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense. Last season Shady won the rushing title by 268 yards. Over the past three seasons, McCoy is second in fantasy points only to Adrian Peterson. He had well over 350 touches last year and is […]

Week 22 MLB Waiver Wire: The Home Stretch
I love Fantasy Sports. This is the career path I want to take. Unfortunately, I cannot micromanage ten fantasy teams at once amidst being a full-time college student. So, I had to resort to owning just 2 fantasy baseball teams this year. In the first league I am in 4th place and projected to get … Continue reading » T...

10 Stories From 08/29/2014 Box Scores: Betts Heating Up, Soler Mashing & More
by Will Overton It’s Labor Day Weekend, I’m sure you have fantasy football drafts and family events. I can’t blame you if you were too busy to watch every box score last night. That’s what I am here for though, to cover the ten biggest

Fantasy Roundup: I Believe in Mike Minor
Mike Minor still knows how to pitch. Prior to yesterday’s game his statistics suggested otherwise (4.90 ERA and 1.48 WHIP). In early August the Braves skipped his start so he could “clear his mind.” Yesterday he looked like the pitcher he was last year. The changeup had good break to it. The curveball was a true bat misser (partly because the Mets hitters were not picking it up) and he had good command of the fastball. Heading into next year Minor is going to be one of my sleepers becau...

Baseball Profcast: McGee in 2015?
In Episode 125, Professors Adam Nodiff (@ANodBaseball) and Jake Devereaux (@DevJake) recap all the fantasy relevant news from around the league. Submit a question for the guys to answer on tomorrow’s show! Today’s topics include: Yadier Molina’s return from the DL Jake McGee’s 2015 potential Matt Kemp’s good looks on the baseball field Whether Brandon Moss has hit a wall Some pitchers to target next week The 2014 finale of Friday on the Farm! You can check out all Basebal...

Bullpen Report: August 29, 2014
Reds at Pirates: The Josh Harrison show included a triple in the bottom of the 8th that gave the Pirates the lead for a Mark Melancon save (#25). The Reds didn’t need Aroldis Chapman on this day after Jonathan Broxton blew the hold in the 8th, but check out this tweet from our Jeff Zimmerman: Another Random Leaderboard: […]

On the Farm, Week 22: Prospect Risers of 2014
As I get ready to close out the year of “On the Farm” my last two articles will focus on players that improved the most over what they did in 2013 and players who saw their stock fall. This is not a list of players in terms of who I think has more skill or is more valuable in a dynasty format; it’s simply a measure of who improved the most or declined the most. As always there will be players who you may agree or disagree, and please let me know in the comments section. This year has be...

Two Startapalooza, Week 23: This Is It
Alright Head-to-Headers and Weekly League players. This is more than likely the most important week of your season. You're either kicking off the first round of playoff match-ups or you're grinding out the last week trying to get that ever elusive playoff birth. Not to worry my peeps, the Legendary Lifshitz is back and ready to drop some two start pitcher science on y'all. In fact I'll be taking over as your captain from here on out and into 2015. That's right! I'm your 2015 Two Start Huckleb...

Daily Cheatsheet – 8/30
Recommended plays by position, dong predictions, weather, stack alerts, BvP, pitchers to stream… Our daily cheatsheet for today can be accessed by members by clicking the...

Podcast: Madison Bumgarner Flirts with Perfection
RotoRob Fantasy Baseball Weekly Podcast, heard every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on Blogtalkradio, was back in action this week, this time featuring the return of MLB Editor Michael Seff. RotoRob had a wee bit of technical trouble just as the show launched, but otherwise, it was smooth sailing.

SP Streamers for Saturday August 30th
(Editor’s Note: Try our FanDuel Cheat Sheet with picks, sample lineups, and tons of sortable matchup stats)     As always, streamers are listed in the order in which I would use them 

BaseballHQ Radio, August 29, 2014
2014-08-29 Season-ending megapod ... Runs 1:57:15

What The Hell Are Sabermetrics?!?
Doug Fister: Leaving Em on Base and Playing with Fire  Analysis by John Hoey Doug Fister has had an incredibly successful season for the Washington...

Daily Cheatsheet – 8/29
Recommended plays by position, dong predictions, weather, stack alerts, BvP, pitchers to stream… Our daily cheatsheet for today can be accessed by members by clicking the...

Fantasy First Pitch for Week 23
Things are about to get a lttle more difficult to predict in baseball. Our Al Melchior gets you ready with his Week 23 edition of Fantasy First Pitch.

Stream, Stream, Stream: 2x SP 9.1-9.7
First a look at the running totals through half of week 20: 41-29 record 3.91 ERA 7.5 K/9 2.6 K/BB 1.33 WHIP And since some of you have asked some questions, click here for a link to the spreadsheet I keep with all the numbers. Also a brief side note: I (redacted) up and typed […]

Aroldis Chapman just isn't fair
Aroldis Chapman has always been an elite reliever, but in 2014 he's taken it to another level. When it comes to evaluating established stars it is easy to look at the issue in a binary way. If a star is producing like a star, there is nothing to report. If they are failing to meet expectations, then it's time to dig deeper. However, just because an elite player...

Expanded Rosters = The Buy Bang Theory
Rosters are just about to go from Foster's oil cans to forties for our annual tradition of getting completely wasted on rookie nookie. I remember in September of 1997, this young talkative player debuted. He could spin a yarn as well as he could spin his bat. That player had modest power in the minors and was hitting .361 in Triple-A at the time of his call-up. His name: Sean Casey. He had a solid career, hitting for modest power and a solid average. Later he became more known for his ...

Quick Looks at Buchanan, Fiers, Martinez and deGrom
I am planning on publishing this piece on a weekly basis. I’ll be looking at a few interesting players. I try to work out for 30-45 minutes a day, so I will just watch a different player each time and give my thoughts on their game at the end of the week. This will not be […]

DFS: Top FanDuel Plays For Friday August 29th
Dug Fister shares his top FanDuel plays for Friday August 29th My sincerest apologies for posting this piece so late - but better late than never.  Tonight we every team in action which is nice, but game selection is the key to success.  Today I put together a list of players who you should target in your cash games or GPP's.  With this being the last article of the week, I'd lik...

EPL Roundup and Gameweek 3 Preview
Will looks at the key news in the English Premier League The English Premier League continues this weekend and the transfer deadline finally closes on Monday. Ahead of Fantasy Gameweek 3, I’ll look at the big talking points. What did we learn from Gameweek 2? Man City wi...

Points Leagues: The Hipster Guide to September Call-Ups
Rosters expand on Monday to allow for the big league clubs to take a look at 15 more players during the last month of the season.  All the mainstream experts say to pick up the top prospects who will get to see playing time for the last month to boost your roster.   But I’m so bitter today that I can’t recommend doing anything like that if you’re in a points league.  You see, I woke up early and picked out just the perfect outfit, but not one person has mistaken me for homeless.  I...

Travis Snider and the Young Old Guy
The Pirates' outfielder has been a disappointment for years. Now he's doing well. It might not mean anything, but in fantasy, he's worth a shot. With the exception of a few weeks right after he came up, there was no point in this season when "

Joc Pederson’s MVP Season
Joc Pederson has had one heck of a 2014. The center fielder has blown away the already-high expectations placed before him this year, leading all of Triple-A in home runs, on-base percentage, on-base plus slugging, walks and runs scored. To be fair, his spot atop the list in some of those categories is partially thanks […]

How to get a hit against Clayton Kershaw
Kershaw is the most dominant pitcher in baseball. For Major League batters that makes their job very difficult. This then is Beyond the Box Score's "How to hit against Clayton Kershaw for Dummies," also known as an advanced scouting report. The intro is a bit silly, but it's important to note that Kershaw is probably pretty low on the list of opposing pitchers that a batter might wa...

DraftKings – Thank You Trevor, May I Have Another?
I’m a Twins fan (we comin’ in 2016), but I have little trouble picking on Trevor May, who has gotten knocked around like a guy in Knockaround Guys (never saw – looked dumb). Through his first four career starts (14.1 IP), May holds an 8.79 ERA and 8.16 BB/ bueno. He actually didn’t walk anyone his last time out, but May was so concerned with throwing strikes, he ended up tossing meatballs to the Tigers, who tagged ...

2014 Fantasy Baseball: Brad Boxberger, The Next Great Reliever?
Relievers don’t garner much interest unless they occupy the closer role. It’s just the way it is. As we know, though, closers – and bullpens in general – change on a whim. So, this week, I’ve spent a lot of time planning for next year, or at least thinking about it. In Tuesday’s Rookie Report, […]

The Daily Fantasy Forecast 8/29
  Pitchers Felix Hernandez - I kinda wanna go as far as to say that you need to find a way roster Felix if you’re trying to win a cash game. 

Friday, August 29th FanDuel Cheat Sheet
  For those that haven’t tried out our FanDuel Cheat Sheet we have Sortable-Downloadable Stats, Sample Lineups, the actual CHEAT SHEET!, over unders, park factors, and so on and so 

Bringing Your AAA Game: September Callup Edition
Welcome back fantasy baseball eficionados!  As our season is winding down, hopefully you are all gearing up for your playoff runs to the 'ship!  I'm here today to answer many people's biggest question this time of year as the calendar flips to September: What prospects are getting called up for the annual "cup of Joe" September audition?  First of all, I want to talk to all the Gregory Polanco owners out there.  Settle down!  Seriously, stop freaking out.  He will be back up September ...

Has The Time Finally Come To Move On From Jean Segura or Chris Davis?
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) We all know the names that have disappointed this season and, at this point (in redraft formats), the time may have finally come to completely cut bait.  Has it really come to that?  Let’s take a look:   Jean

The Daily Grind: 8-29-14 – Presented by FanDuel
Agenda Rusney Castillo in ottoneu Daily DFS Saturday Table FanDuel has unleashed the World Fantasy Baseball Championship; a week-long, $5,000,000 celebration of Fantasy Baseball in Las Vegas! The WFBC has something for everyone, from the $250,000 single-entry championship, to the live $3,000,000 DFBC Final in Las Vegas. Remember to use promocode FANGRAPHS to get your […]

The Proof Is In The Peripherals: Aug. 29-Sept. 4
There's only a month left of regular season baseball and, for those in head-to-head fantasy leagues, your playoffs could be starting as soon as Monday.  With such little time left, it's probably not quite as relevant to note season-long advanced metrics so we're going to focus more directly on what players have done in August.  It's the "what have you done for me lately" edition of TPIITP as I'll give you a few tips on which players might be worth adding or dropping in your fantasy crunch t...

2014 Fantasy Football Gold Mine: Fantasy Draft Edition
The sun is beginning to set on the 2014 preseason and many teams are quietly beginning to trim their rosters and send their unwanted players out to pasture. But as the NFL teams start cutting down to the final 53-man roster, fantasy football players are gearing up to put their rosters together. There are only […]

Sergio Romo could start seeing save chances again
Closer Monkey - bullpen updates and closer depth charts from all 30 MLB teams, straight to your inbox August 29, 2014 San Francisco Giants – Santiago Casilla picked up the save on Thursday afternoon, but he did so with Jeremy Affeldt warming up in the bullpen. After the game, Bruce Bochy said he intends use both Casilla and Sergio Romo — as well as Affeldt and Javier Lopez …

Impact Prospect Ranking: RH Starting Pitchers (Tier 2 of 2)
I began the year at RotoGraphs by producing a semi-regularly-updated Top 25 prospects list. For the second half of the year and into the offseason, I’ll be rotating expanded Top 10, 12 or 15 lists (on a far more regular basis) by position: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF/RF, CF, RHSP (tier 1), RHSP (tier […]

Fantasy Football Busts TE Position
In a fantasy draft this weekend, and don't want to be stuck with a dud? Our writers give there picks on who will be busts at the TE position for this season. Only the Tight End busts are left in our weekly sleepers and busts columns this preseason.  The previous articles can be found

Updated MLB Closer Depth Chart
Closer Monkey - bullpen updates and closer depth charts from all 30 MLB teams, straight to your inbox . * = closer by committee . Sign up to play daily fantasy baseball at and get a 100% deposit bonus and free Closer Monkey t-shirt. Learn more. The post Updated MLB Closer Depth Chart app...

Roto Riteup — Presented By DraftKings: August 29, 2014
Today’s Roto Riteup is being written while the new version of “Cosmos: A Space Odyssey” plays in the background. Thus far I’m two episodes in and not terribly impressed. Perhaps it picks up in the later episodes. On today’s agenda: 1. A (Jorge) Soler eclipse of my heart 2. Thoughts on Yusmeiro Petit 3. The […]

Roto Roundup: Javier Baez, Mike Minor, Carlos Carrasco and others
Ray highlights some of the top fantasy performers from Thursday's roto action, including Mike Minor, Drew Smyly, Javier Baez and others. Giants going to a closer by committee It is interesting that the Giants are going to a closer by committee after mov...

Fantasy Waiver Wire Pitchers to Target for Final Month
As we inch closer and closer to the end of the fantasy season quality innings are at a premium. I cannot really stress that enough. Often a good start can change the whole out look of a weekly head to head match up or net you 3-4 points in a roto league, though it does […] Fantasy Waiver Wire Pitchers to...

Fantasy Starting Pitcher Planner: Week 23 by Wilson Karaman
Helping you set your fantasy rotation for next week with a look at the two-start pitchers.

Fantasy Freestyle: Buy Corey Dickerson by Craig Goldstein
The Rockies outfielder is enjoying a breakout year, and Craig believes it's no fluke.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Daily Fix Podcast: August 29, 2014
Below is a podcast with me discussing daily fantasy strategy for the day. It’s only about 12 minutes long. I discuss why you should stop paying attention to matchups when picking starting pitchers. I also discuss which teams are the best to use for stacking hitters from the same lineup. You can also find the […]

Little Big League
For Yankees prospects in the New York-Penn League, a season in Staten Island is a summer like no other.

10 Stories From 08/28/2014 Box Scores: Are Yusmeiro Petit & Carlos Carrasco For Real & More
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) It was a small schedule last night (9 games), but that didn’t leave us without stories to discuss.  Who shined?  Who struggles?  Let’s take a look at the most important stories for fantasy owners:   1) Yusmeiro Petit dominates

Jay Bruce Makes My Bowels Loose
I thought Jay Bruce was a lock for 30/100 not dirty undies. Thirty-hundo not dirty-undies! All year Bruce Stinksteen has been behind "Born to Run" Billy Hamilton, Todd Frazier, who's classically rocking out and Learning to Fly, and Devin "Is That Your Face Or Are You Wearing Wax Lips?" Mesoraco, who had a breakout season. And, here, Jay Bruce is less appetizing than sitting across from Bruce Jenner when it's humid. Hard to know where the bottom is. Problem people find wh...

Bullpen Report: August 28, 2014
- Uh oh. The C-word. No, not that C-word. Committee. That is what Bruce Bochy implied is his new closing situation in San Francisco after Thursday’s game. The Giants skipper apparently considered using his “closer” (Santiago Casilla) in the eighth inning, but thought the matchups favored deposed closer Sergio Romo more. Casilla hasn’t racked up […]

Roster Moves I Actually Made: Gearing up for the Playoffs
Hey everybody! I’m back! It has been about four weeks since I last wrote an entry in this series. First, I traveled through Viking Country (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) for two weeks. Lovely countries. Then, I moved into a new house, my first house, and have inherited a honey-do-list longer than Eric Hosmer is bad. For the record, chopping down seven trees (done professionally) on your front lawn and splitting them into fire wood, moving them and stacking them properly (done by me) TAKES FOR...

RotoGraphs Audio: The Sleeper and the Bust 08/28/2014
Episode 160 The latest episode of “The Sleeper and the Bust” is now live! Eno Sarris and Nicholas Minnix discuss, among other items, along with an interesting tangent or two, Zach Walters; Kyle Ryan; Adam Wainwright; Yadier Molina; Shane Greene; Drew Smyly; the Chicago White Sox’s bullpen; Brandon Finnegan; Masahiro Tanaka; and, by request, possible […]

SP Streamers for Friday August 29th
(Editor’s Note: Try our FanDuel Cheat Sheet with picks, sample lineups, and tons of sortable matchup stats)     As always, streamers are listed in the order in which I would use them 

Daily Cheatsheet – 8/28
Recommended plays by position, dong predictions, weather, stack alerts, BvP, pitchers to stream… Our daily cheatsheet for today can be accessed by members by clicking the...

MASH Report (8/28/14)
• Heads up, the DL list is basically going to become a moot point in a few days when the rosters expand. Teams have no incentive to put a player on the DL unless it is to the 60-day DL to make room on their 40-man roster. I am going to have an unofficial DL list in […]

Detailing Ryan Braun's hand injury
Milwaukee slugger Ryan Braun has been battling a nerve injury in his hand, sapping him of much of his prodigious power this season. In this article, we will detail the anatomy involved and their effects on his swing. Much of the Ryan Braun's past two s...

2014 Fantasy Football: Streaming Defensive Backs in Your IDP Leagues
I’m sure you’ve been told time and time again that you can draft defensive backs late and you don’t have to reach for a stud.  You’ve probably heard the saying from twitter when fantasy football enthusiasts tell you to stream team defenses and even test your luck and stream quarterbacks (depending on league size of […]

Bullpen Report: Week 22
The problem you're having with your innings limit is everyone's problem with just five weeks to go. The combative strategy against this is to use a familiar SP option for streaming, but this time, use it for RP.  The concept is sound, and is an effective method for leagues without limits, kinda like doctors without borders, but with mitts and jerseys.  So here's how it goes: find the guys you're streaming on your roster for SP, but instead, find an effective middle reliever or two or thre...

The Superb Six (FanDuel 8/28)
(Editor’s Note: Try our FanDuel Cheat Sheet with picks, sample lineups, and tons of sortable matchup stats)     It is a pretty mild day around baseball today. There’s only 9 games, and 

ottoneu Bidding on Rusney Castillo
This article is not really about Rusney Castillo. It’s about you. Well, if you play ottoneu, it is about you. See, ottoneu does not allow you to bid on Cuban players, college players, etc., until they are signed by an MLB organization. And Rusney Castillo just hit that milestone, leading to a flurry of auctions. […]

A Look At What Went Wrong With Gregory Polanco
by Eric Stashin (aka Rotoprofessor) He was supposed to be the latest “can’t miss” outfielder, joining Andrew McCutchen and Starling Marte to for a dynamic trio. However, after a hot start, things spiraled. So what exactly went wrong? You can argue that part of it

Negative WAR players: Teams dragged down by below-replacement performances
Some teams have given away more than five wins so far this season with below-replacement players; some have really limited that damage. A below-replacement player should be worth nothing to a major league baseball team. Sure, he's not actually worthless to the organization; a club's minor league teams couldn't function without many organizational players. There's no direct va...

The Daily Fantasy Forecast 8/28
(Editor’s Note: Try our FanDuel Cheat Sheet with picks, sample lineups, and tons of sortable matchup stats)     Pitchers Yusmeiro Petit - Now if you feel like taking a risk today, look Petit’s 

DraftKings – Hey, McHugh, Get Off Of My Cloud
And get into my DraftKings roster. When I was 19-20 years old, we used to go to my buddies house and drink 40's in his side yard. With nothing else better to do, we would just get wasted, smoke cheap cigarettes and try to entertain each other anyway we could. This would consist of telling jokes, watching TV on a 6 inch black and white or lighting things on fire. One day my buddy told me this joke that ...

Impact Prospect Ranking: RH Starting Pitchers (Tier 1 of 2)
I began the year at RotoGraphs by producing a semi-regularly-updated Top 25 prospects list. For the second half of the year and into the offseason, I’ll be rotating expanded Top 10, 12 or 15 lists (on a far more regular basis) by position: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF/RF, CF, RHSP (tier 1), RHSP (tier […]

Is Lucas Duda For Real?
Is Lucas Duda's breakout a sign of things to come? What can we expect from the Mets first baseman in 2015? The Mets made the right choice shipping off

Early 2015 Pitcher Projections
A few days ago I released a way too early set of hitter projection values. Today, it is the pitchers turn. Truthfully, I wasn’t 100% sure I would release them. It requires a person using them to use their brain some what. I decided to go ahead and release and hope most people read a […]

Matching Up, Streaming for Stolen Bases
In a comment on the post of a recent ep of “The Sleeper and the Bust,” quinceleather asked if there’s a way to play matchups for stolen bases for players like Rajai Davis and Ben Revere. Presumably, this would be for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of a roster spot by maximizing the rates […]

Thursday, August 28th FanDuel Cheat Sheet
  For those that haven’t tried out our FanDuel Cheat Sheet we have Sortable-Downloadable Stats, Sample Lineups, the actual CHEAT SHEET!, over unders, park factors, and so on and so 

The Daily Grind: 8-28-14 – Presented by FanDuel
Agenda Are Matchups Important Daily DFS Friday Picks Table FanDuel has unleashed the World Fantasy Baseball Championship; a week-long, $5,000,000 celebration of Fantasy Baseball in Las Vegas! The WFBC has something for everyone, from the $250,000 single-entry championship, to the live $3,000,000 DFBC Final in Las Vegas. Remember to use promocode FANGRAPHS to get your […]

Fantasy Outlook: What Should We Expect From Jorge Soler In 2014?
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) The Cubs have summoned the latest piece of their future, bringing Jorge Soler to the Majors. Signed in 2012 to a nine year, $30 million contract you have to wonder what type of deal he would’ve gotten today. Given

Jorge Soler: Next in the long line of Cubs prospects
Another week, another Cubs prospect brought up to the majors. This week's selection is Jorge Soler. How might he develop? There must be something about Mondays this summer because the Cubs keep announcing prospects who will be brought up to join the team. This Monday was...

Closer Updates – Athletics, BoSox, Devil Rays, Mets, Padres, Tigers, White Sox
Believe it or not, the end of the baseball season is fast approaching. If you’re in a rotisserie league, you’ve got a few more weeks than the H2H leagues, but either way – now is the time to make championship moves. In case you are struggling in the saves category, this week will cover a few closer candidates who might just be available in your league. Boston Red Sox – Koji Uehara has had a strong season (26 saves, 2.25 ERA, 0.90 WHIP), but struggled in the past week. After giving up ...

AL Starting Pitchers: Three Second Half Busts
Right or wrong, significantly greater weight is given to how a player finishes a season than how he began it. If a hitter endures a second half swoon, he’ll be considered a prime bust candidate the following year, regardless of what he did during the first several months. The same goes for pitchers. Let’s discuss […]

2014 Fantasy Football Team Preview: The Detroit Lions
Note: This piece was originally written on July 15th by Andrew Miller and is one of many unique pieces that can be found in our 2014 fantasy football draft guide. None of this information has been updated since it was originally published. Detroit took several steps to improving its football team this offseason both through additions on the field […]

Fantasy Football Sleepers TE Position
Looking for that low-cost TE that can help you win your fantasy league this year? Take a look at who our staff believes can be this for you with their sleeper picks. So far here at Fake Teams we have covered the QB, RB, and WR position.  This week is for the ...

Fantasy Freestyle: Analyzing the Competitive Landscape by Jeff Quinton
Properly understanding the competitive landscape can be critical to your decision-making, especially in keeper leagues.

TTO Scoresheet Podcast: Checking in on a Scoresheet Rookie by Ben Murphy
With two of the Outcomes off this week, Ben chats with Bret Sayre about his first season playing Scoresheet.

Roto Riteup — Presented by DraftKings: August 28, 2014
This Roto Riteup author doesn’t care if Tony Soprano is dead or alive, but he does care about whether or not Britt and Hank took the left at the stoplight. On today’s agenda: 1. Daniel Norris crushed some AAA hitters 2. Trevor Cahill, recently as a starter 3. Fun with arbitrary endpoints 4. The Fanny […]

2014 Fantasy Football: Potential Wide Receiver Busts To Avoid In Your Drafts
The definition of a sleeper or a bust has drastically changed over the years. Access to the Internet — and instant news feeds such as Twitter — have ultimately provided equal access to relevant cutting edge information to all fantasy football enthusiasts. The following list of names may guide you to a few wins this […]

Avisail Garcia is back and should be on your team
  Remember Avisail Garcia? He was a big “sleeper” bat coming into the season and landed on numerous teams of mine.  His “sleeper” status was well deserved. He had shown solid power, speed, and batting average in his minor league career. He played 72 MLB games in 2013 between the Tigers and the White Sox […]

10 Stories From 08/27/2014 Box Scores: Is Corey Dickerson For Real, Gausman’s Struggles Continue & More
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) Jorge Soler made an immediate splash, going 2-4 with 1 HR, 2 RBI and 1 R (we’ll talk about him later this morning).  David Price had a devastatingly poor outing, allowing 8 ER on 12 H and 1 BB

Cooperstown Confidential: Seinfeld, Sabermetrics and Ken Phelps
Frank Costanza wanted to know how you could trade Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps. Here within lies the answer.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Daily Fix: August 28
Welcome back to the Daily Fix here at The Fantasy Fix. It’s baseball time over at DraftKings. For those who aren’t yet Daily Fantasy baseball players at DraftKings head over there via this link and join. They will double your initial deposit up to $600. I will again skip the early games and focus on […]

‘Dead Arm’ Is Why Adam Waned, Right?
Adam Wainwright went 6 IP, 3 ER, 9 baserunners, 5 Ks as he was out-dueled by Jeff Locke (7 1/3 IP, 1 ER, 8 baserunners, 3 Ks). Wainwright being out-dueled seems to be the norm lately. In August, his ERA is 5.17 and he says he's going through a 'dead arm' phase. Ways that a dead arm could help (in no particular order): tricking a zombie while playing dead, making your other arm feel more alive, doorstop, can't pick up a bill because your wallet is in the d...

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