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The Tigers will submit a list of 25 players to the league office before Thursday's series opener in Baltimore. Which players will be on that list, and who will be left off? Now that the Tigers have taken care of business in the regular se...

Every year we get together in a Schenectady Sheraton to give away fantasy baseball awards for the past season. I'm your host, Grey Albright and I'm joined by Random Italicized Voice -- What's up, guys and four girls?" On the red carpet for every...

The Phils' manager, general manager and interim president are saying all the right things about re-making the roster in 2015. But, can they actually do it? Right now, everyone in the Phillies' front office is telling you exactly what you w...

It’s a trade that has haunted the Mets for decades: looking for solution to their third base woes, they drew from their surplus of starting pitching and traded Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi. Ryan went on to a Hall of Fame career, while Fregosi didn...

What do the Phillies do with Cody Asche? Keep, TRAID, bench? Look, I like Cody Asche. I really do. I like his occasional power. His defense has been adequate. What Phillies fan would not like the

On Sunday, April 12th, 2009, left fielder Daniel Murphy drifted towards the warning track inside Dolphins Stadium in Miami, FL. Johan Santana was on the mound and just a few games into the season, Murphy was about to blow a game for the New York ...

  Turner:  109G  288AB .340 7HR 43RBI  21 doubles […] The post Justin Turner was way better than David Wright in 2014 (Annoying Facts) appeared first on The Mets Police.

Also: The Twins do the unthinkable and fire Ron Gardenhire, and the Astros hire A.J. Hinch A day after benches cleared in the White Sox-Tigers finale last Wednesday,

Future Indians star Sandy Alomar Jr. makes his Major League debut with the San Diego Padres. He pinch-hits for Jerald Clark in the ninth inning and strikes out against Houston’s Brian Meyer. He will not play in the Majors again ... Read More

The 2014 season has come and gone for the Miami Marlins and it’s still so hard to believe. It literally feels like last week we were talking about how Jose Fernandez would perform in his sophomore season. No one at the time could think of t...

Recent Entries
The Games That Got Away
Today continues DTTWLN’s three week examination of the Indians 2014 season and where it fell short of the playoff expectations established last winter. The staff will examine where the season went wrong and the challenges the front office face...

National League pitching leaders for the 2014 season
Sunday marked the final day of Major League Baseball’s regular season. Baseball sesason always seems like a lengthy amount of time when it is April or you are enjoying the sun at spring training in Arizona or Florida. Then suddenly one day ...

Marlins Way: Realization Season is Over Strikes
The 2014 season has come and gone for the Miami Marlins and it’s still so hard to believe. It literally feels like last week we were talking about how Jose Fernandez would perform in his sophomore season. No one at the time could think of t...

Mets Discussed Moving Murphy To The Outfield
On Sunday, April 12th, 2009, left fielder Daniel Murphy drifted towards the warning track inside Dolphins Stadium in Miami, FL. Johan Santana was on the mound and just a few games into the season, Murphy was about to blow a game for the New York ...

Justin Turner was way better than David Wright in 2014 (Annoying Facts)
  Turner:  109G  288AB .340 7HR 43RBI  21 doubles […] The post Justin Turner was way better than David Wright in 2014 (Annoying Facts) appeared first on The Mets Police.

Fantasy baseball strategy ideas to help you compete — Part 2
Welcome to my actual farewell piece. In Part 1 yesterday, we looked at three of six fantasy baseball strategy ideas that will help you compete in your league. Today, we week at Part 2, going over the other three strategy ideas. Don’t over react...

Potential 2015 Breakout Target: Will T.J. House Be The Next Cleveland Ace?
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) As we’ve said, the Indians have a recent track record of young pitching breaking out. First it was Corey Kluber, then Carlos Carrasco. Who could be their 2015 breakout performer? Don’t be surpris...

Derek Jeter Gift Meter: Boston Red Sox
Going into the final series of the 2014 season, the Boston Red Sox downplayed their plans to honor Derek Jeter, giving some the impression that no gifts would be included in the ceremony.  Obviously, they played things very close to the vest.

Remaking the Phillies roster for 2015 is a tall task.
The Phils' manager, general manager and interim president are saying all the right things about re-making the roster in 2015. But, can they actually do it? Right now, everyone in the Phillies' front office is telling you exactly what you w...

Manager notes: How Robin Ventura and Chris Sale get along
Also: The Twins do the unthinkable and fire Ron Gardenhire, and the Astros hire A.J. Hinch A day after benches cleared in the White Sox-Tigers finale last Wednesday,

Tuesday Bird Droppings
ALDS schedule (sorta) series previews, season recaps, awards voting, and more! All in today's rousing edition of Bird Droppings! School of Roch: Division Series start times announced through Sunday What everyone has...

Daily Red Sox Links: Christian Vazquez, Ben Cherington, Yoenis Cespedes
Today's links look at Christian Vasquez's fit at catcher, Ben Cherington's plans for the future and whether or not they might include Yoenis Cespedes. Nothing like a good postmortem on a terrible season. (Maureen Mullen; Boston.c...

Today In Tribe History: September 30, 1988
Future Indians star Sandy Alomar Jr. makes his Major League debut with the San Diego Padres. He pinch-hits for Jerald Clark in the ninth inning and strikes out against Houston’s Brian Meyer. He will not play in the Majors again ... Read More

Jim Fregosi, Lucas Duda and the Coming Offseason
It’s a trade that has haunted the Mets for decades: looking for solution to their third base woes, they drew from their surplus of starting pitching and traded Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi. Ryan went on to a Hall of Fame career, while Fregosi didn...

Who will be on the Tigers' playoff roster?
The Tigers will submit a list of 25 players to the league office before Thursday's series opener in Baltimore. Which players will be on that list, and who will be left off? Now that the Tigers have taken care of business in the regular se...

Ruminations on Pitching Efficiency
Let's talk about quantifying the most efficient way to play a baseball game.

AL East MVPs & Cy Youngs
The Phillies offseason has officially started, because they suck and aren't in the playoffs.  They were eliminated in March. help pass the time, I'll be focusing mainly on the Phillies but also delving into all things baseba...

MLB Game Picks - Tuesday, September 30, 2014
So it begins. The post season begins today with the wild card game. The big question is whether you can call it a playoff game or an extra day of the season to see who has a right to get to the playoffs. That is one of the points of weirdness crea...

Looking at the position players heading to the Arizona Fall League
Each fall since 1992 Major League Baseball has held the Arizona Fall League. It is the only current stateside fall or winter league (there used to be a Hawaiian Winter League as well, but it shut down after 2009 I believe) and when it comes to pro...

Cody Asche: Franco Insurance?
What do the Phillies do with Cody Asche? Keep, TRAID, bench? Look, I like Cody Asche. I really do. I like his occasional power. His defense has been adequate. What Phillies fan would not like the

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River Ave. Blues
Three die-hards follow the Yankees from the minor leagues to the bigs

Fantasy Baseball Dugout
Win your fantasy baseball league this year with tips and advice from Fantasy Baseball Dugout.

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Prendo atto che il fratello del signor Antoine Farcitch Radoslav Farcitch attraverso il quale il comandante italiano Rizzo potrebbe tranquillamente uccidere la corazzata che, per sempre, coinvolgere il nostro paese. dapoxetina senza prescrizione Ed è un vero peccato perché, a causa di questo semplice dimenticanza, Francia, nel rimorso, scegliere levitra on line compare viagra cialis levitra should sarà, temo, sarà presto iniziare a portare la sua croce laica. La seconda cattiva condotta, molto meno grave, è stato commesso dalla stampa italiana che vendita cialis francia acquistare cialis 5 mg ha dato modo, per mesi, a differenze di linguaggio veramente deplorevoli contro di noi che non voglio ricordare le voci di tutti i giornali Penisola durante la neutralità agosto osservato nel maggio contro gli Imperi finasteride prostide propecia Centrali, o elementi di almeno la metà di loro durante esperienze cialis generico la neutralità abilmente? mantenuto nei confronti della Germania. 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Infine, si ammette pubblicamente o meno, che ora è più una questione di persone e interessi, ma la giustizia internazionale, il cui amore deve, prima di tutti i chos s, manifesti di Paul Raphael, Francia, Germania e gli ebrei. I tedeschi volevano approfittare dei pogrom russi e francesi Vantisémitisme credere nazioni Israeliti neuj. *!**!* La leggenda su questo lato della medaglia è questo PCP partendo dal presupposto che le ultime due lettere sono P, come le iniziali di trèsprobable Pûiromu MekMae, ne conseguirebbe che le tre lettere di cui sopra, devono includere i nomi viagra e quali e cognome del personaggio in questione. Tuttavia, cialis e favismo guardando in romane storia gli uomini di una certa importanza, che prima l'impero portava nomi corrispondenti a tre iniziali P. C, ci sono solo Ludus Papio Celso, vissuto u tempo di Cesare e probabilmente è mostrato in tale valuta. 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